The Havanese (or Hav for short) is a member of the Bichon family, a group of small breeds of dogs to which the Maltese, Bichon Frise, Lowchen, Coton de Tulear and the Bolognese also belong. So why should you get one? Here are five reasons:

#1. They Are An Adorable Breed

Appearance-wise, the Havanese puppy, even the Havanese dog, is small with a petite form that belies its hearty spirit and sturdy physique. Unlike other toy dogs, Havanese dogs are solidly built. Their bone structures are not delicate like the Chihuahua so that one can even say that the Havanese may be small but it is built like it is a large dog.

The coat of the Havanese can be separated into three types: smooth which drapes around its small frame similar to that of the Maltese, curly which is similar to the Bichon Frise coat, and wavy which is considered as a unique Havanese coat characteristic.

Its eyes are almond shaped and shine with intelligence, giving the Havanese a subtle look of mischief. They are an active dog that does a lot of antics and tricks either to entertain itself or the human that care for them.

#2. They Are Great With Children

This is an unusual advantage that a Havanese has over other toy dogs. While other toy dogs can get nervous or snippy against small children, the Havanese, if trained properly, can be great even with very small children. They do not have the same nervous attitude most other toy breeds have. Moreover, a Havanese dog is built to withstand rough play that adolescent children may invent. It is essentially a small dog but with a large dog’s build.

#3. They Are Great With Other Pets

The Havanese is considered as the clowns of all dogs. They are exceedingly fond of playing tricks and doing things that make them look comical. Already highly sociable, they can be trained to relate with other dogs and pets you may keep in your house. They are generally a blast when placed together with other dogs.

Take note that fights do erupt from time to time. This is typical in all group settings and is no reason to be alarmed for. More often than not, these small skirmishes resolve themselves without need of intervention from you.

#4. They Are Great With The Family

Other dogs tend to bond to a person instead of the entire family. With the Havanese, no such preference is exhibited. This is especially true if you decided to get Havanese puppies. They are capable of bonding with every member of the family. Their devotion may often be considered as extreme because they tend to follow you wherever you go, even in the bathroom. The dog would typically quietly wait outside until you finish and then follow you again to whichever room you decide to go.

Other owners may not like this kind of “Velcro” personality of the Havanese. If you want a pet that is more independent, then we do not recommend a Havanese for you. However, if you want a pet that is absolutely devoted to you, then the Havanese is the perfect breed.

#5. They Are Low-Maintenance

Despite the Havanese being a toy dog, it is not like the Maltese which requires frequent grooming, bathing and brushing, all of which require time and effort, and in some cases money. The Havanese coat is thick and plush, hence, it does require brushing. But that’s all you really need – daily brushing and a monthly bath. They are naturally clean dogs and do not shed, hence, the term “hypoallergenic dog.”

#6. They Are Easy To Train

The Havenese is an intelligent dog. They can easily pick up commands and do great during obedience training. What’s best about them is that they seem to genuinely enjoy working and training. Clicker training works best for these dogs.

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