Dog Training

Training dogs can be a real challenge. No wonder many dog owners think of giving up or handing the over the job to a professional while in the middle of dog training.

You may think that there is not much difference between a dog that has gone through dog obedience training and an untrained dog. You believe that just because your dog hasn’t been trained does not mean that you won’t enjoy having it for a companion. What’s more, you believe that if the dog breeder was telling the truth about your dog being intelligent, then your furry friend should be able to learn how to behave over time.

However, that is where most dog owners are wrong. The hard truth is that training your dog is not a mere option. When you consider all the benefits of dog training, you begin to see how essential it really is.


If you allow your dog to remain untrained, you would be exposing it to certain risks. Many of these risks can have very severe consequences, which would then cost you in time, effort, and even money.

In many instances, dog training can mean life and death for your dog. Take for example a dog that has run away. If the dog were trained, you would not have too much trouble trying to recall it. You can just use a special call that your dog has been specifically trained to answer and he’ll come bounding right back, if he is able.

On the other hand, an untrained dog won’t recognize such a call. He might even go the opposite way when you try to call him. A wandering dog is exposed to so much risk, many of which result in injury or death. Through dog training, you can minimize not only the likelihood of your dog running away but also the likelihood of your dog staying away.


In high-pressure situations, dog training becomes critical. A dog that has been trained can be controlled, and therefore, protected, but an untrained dog has nothing but instincts to guide him. Sometimes, instincts can be wrong and in a world populated by countless dangers, they are often not enough.

Quality Of Life

In addition to protection and control, dog training also helps improve your dog’s quality of life. Generation after generation, the domestic dog has lived for one thing only: to be a loyal and useful companion to their masters. This life purpose of dogs has been so ingrained in their being that it gave rise to the famous adage: “A dog is man’s best friend.”

But a dog can’t be useful to their masters if they do not know how to behave. He will only know that he has somehow displeased you but he doesn’t understand why or how he can make it all better. So he tries to gain your sympathy by acting all sorry and timid after seeing your displeasure, then turning around and doing the same thing all over again.

With dog training, you can change all that. Dog training will help your dog understand how to please you, and that is by behaving appropriately in every situation. This way, your dog can go through life, happy and content at being a useful friend and companion, instead of being seen as nothing more than a nuisance, or worse, ignored.

In return, this improves your quality of life as well. Dog training helps you develop a closer relationship with your dog. The source of frustrations for most dog owners is behavior problems with their untrained dogs. These frustrations in turn may alienate the dog owner from his dog, creating a gap in their relationship. With dog training, this problem is solved.

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