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Every dog owner knows that choosing the right dog toy is a big decision. A dog toy is not just to keep your dog entertained. It can also help curb any undesirable behaviors. Some dog toys, such as a chew toy, can even aid in improving your dog’s well being.

When it comes to choosing small dog toys, there are three words to watch out for: fun, durable and safe.

Fun because, of course, the primary purpose of dog toys is to keep your pet entertained. It should be one that your dog will enjoy and keep his interest going. Durable because you want the object to last, especially those rough plays that your dog particularly enjoys. And safe because you love your pet and you don’t want anything to happen to him or her.

Cost is not so much a factor, because you can find cheap dog toys in many pet shops. Just remember that the factors involved in choosing the right dog toy depends on your dog’s size, his or her activity level and personal preference.

Here are some tips to help you find the right toy for your precious dog:

Tip #1. Safety First
Indeed, you do not want the dog toys you buy for your pet as the means to put his or her health or even life at risk. That is why the most pressing concern that every dog owner should have when it comes to choosing a dog toy is safety.

Is this dog toy safe for your dog? Will there be danger of him or her swallowing pieces of the toy? Is the toy small enough to get ingested? Is it soft enough to get parts of it chewn off by Spot?

Questions like this should be able to help you decide whether or not a toy is safe for your dog. However, don’t stop with just choosing safe toys. Take care to dog-proof your home. That is, get rid of rubber bands, strings, ribbons, children’s toys, and any other small items that your dog may accidentally ingest.

Tip #2. Choose The Size Of Toy Right For Your Dog
This actually points back to a toy’s safety. If the dog toy is too small for the size of your dog, there is a bigger risk of him or her swallowing up the entire thing. Thus, it is important for you to choose a size of dog toy that is appropriate for your dog.

The same also goes for a dog toy that is too big for your toy poodle. If you have a puppy, then it is advised that you give him a puppy toy. Or if your pet is a small breed, then do not give him or her a toy that is more appropriate for large dogs.

Tip #3. Choose Toys That Do Not Easily Break Off
This cannot be emphasized more. As most dog toys available are chew toys, it is all the more important for you to choose one that does not fall off or break off easily. Again, there could be danger of your dog swallowing or choking on a piece of the toy. Also make sure that the toy is not made of toxic materials.

Tip #5. Consider Your Dog’s Personality
This falls neatly under the “personal preference” factor of choosing dog toys. Always remember that not all dogs are the same. So just because Spot likes to play with a plush toy does not mean that Spencer likes to play with the same toy as well.

Plush toys are usually for gentler dogs that are perfectly content with just carrying them around. However, if your dog likes to play it rough, then a toy that is made of more delicate material may not be the right one for him or her.

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