Dog Posters

Is your dog lost? Probably not. But quick, make dog posters and flyers to prevent exactly that from happening.

Even the most well-behaved dogs can go missing. No matter how well trained and obedient your dog is, you can’t always keep your eyes on him or her. Ultimately, you will make a mistake. You left the yard gate open. Or you forgot to leash him for the night. Or maybe your dog escaped, found a playmate in the form of a prey he’s decided to chase after – things that you don’t foresee and therefore cannot stop from happening.

The good news is that if indeed your dog is well-trained and obedient (and sometimes, not even that), chances are it won’t stray far from your neighborhood. The dog could just be in some corner or nook, trying to find its way back to you.

Putting up dog posters for other people to identify your dog is a good way of finding your dog quickly. And here’s an even better idea: don’t wait for your dog to actually get lost before you start making lost dog posters. If you can pre-make lost dog posters, so much the better. There is no time to lose when your beloved companion goes missing.

But how do you make a dog breed poster? Here’s how:

Mind The Font Size

You know of course that dog posters are supposed to catch attention. It’s hard enough trying to get people to read the things you post on telephone poles and lampposts. Don’t make it harder for them by posting your notice in micro-sized font. Instead, post “LOST DOG” in big, bold, capital letters to catch the attention of passersby.

Dog Photo

It is not a proper lost dog poster if it does not contain a photo of your dog. Otherwise, how else would people recognize if it is your dog they have recently seen lurking around their house? The photo should be one that best represents your dog. Face shot is okay. But it is better if you can put up a body shot of your dog as well to give people a better idea of the color and size of your dog.

Dog’s Name

This is debatable. There are actually people who are against posting the name of your dog in a dog breed poster. However, you want to get as much information out of your poster as you can so that people who read your notice will find it easier to identify your dog.

Dog’s Description

If you are not comfortable giving out your dog’s name in dog posters, then your dog’s description should be enough. Be sure to include the breed of your dog, color of his coat, any markings, and the general look. To be on the safe side, do not use dog jargons like “brindled.” Instead, use generic terms, like “striped,” that are easy to understand, even to non-dog owners.

Other information you also want to include in your dog posters are: gender (include neutered or intact information), approximate weight, eye color, birth date, distinguishing characteristics, habits behavior, microchip implant number, identifying marks or tattoo.

But remember not to give out all information. This is only necessary to allow you to confirm if it is the right dog when a caller checks your dog in.


This is optional. However, if you can afford to give a reward for your dog, do so. Just remember not to post the amount of the reward, for practical reasons obviously.

Your Info

It is never advisable to include your name and address on the dog posters. Instead, use a phone number, preferably an alternative line that you have for emergencies like this.

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