Dog Grooming

When you hear the word dog grooming, your mind immediately conjures up images of expensive salons fit for poodles or Shih Tzus or prestigious conformation shows where immaculately groomed dogs are paraded around.

Sure, dog grooming supplies can be expensive, but only if you are all set to burn holes in your pocket. But if you are on a budget, it does not mean that you can forget about dog grooming all together.

Dog grooming is as important to your pet as food is. It not only helps improve his or her general appearance, it actually bears a direct relation to his or her health. So what is the proper way of grooming your pet? There certainly is no dog grooming school around to teach you how, but consider the tips we have for you below.

Be Prepared
Of course, preparation is always the first step in every single task. Whether you are trying to get your dog to bath or brush its coat, you need some time to prepare your dog grooming supplies and materials.

When it comes to grooming supplies, you want to take your pet into consideration. Or more specifically, what type of coat he or she has. Does he have long hair? Short? Closely-lying coat? Or long silky mane that drape over its body?

Basically, what you need are the following:

• Brushes – You want to get two at least – a bristle brush and a slicker brush. The first is used to spread the natural oils of the coat while the latter is used to untangle and remove loose hair.

• Pet Dental Care Supplies – Be sure to include a toothbrush and paste and chew toys, all three of which help remove tartar and plaque as well as clean teeth. Chew toys are especially effective in keeping the gums healthy.

• Nail Clippers – Your dog does need his nails to be clipped once in a while.

• Bath Supplies

• Ear Care Tools – Owners of long-haired dogs should have this. If you notice, there are hairs that grow inside your dog’s ears. While this is normal enough, sometimes the hairs grow too long becoming irritants to your dog’s ears. As a result, your dog will scratch its ears often. Sometimes, it might even lead to infection. To prevent such a situation, use ear care tools such as ear hair puller to control the growth of hair in your dog’s ears.

Now that you have all the dog grooming equipment and supplies that you need, time for you to get down to the real deal.

Coat Care
Your dog needs to be brushed everyday. If you have one of the longer-haired breeds, you might have to brush him or her several times in a day. Brushing can help remove the dirt from your pet’s coat. It also helps spread the natural oils throughout the dog’s coat, removing the tangles and keeping the skin under the coat healthy.

Nail Care
Clip your dog’s nails at least once a month. It is the same as cutting your own fingernails. Just make sure that you do not cut beyond the quick – that is, the part of the nail that contains nerves and blood vessels. If your pet fidgets a lot during the clipping, offer treats and praises until he finally gets used to it.

Teeth Care
Dogs do get cavities and gum disease if you do not pay attention to their oral care. Although cavities can be avoided by simply controlling your dog’s diet, still oral care is an important aspect of dog grooming. Clean your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush and some paste at least twice a week.

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