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The first dog was a wolf. There is enough archaeological and DNA evidence to prove that. Wild wolves that traveled in packs, chasing their prey through the winter woods. In time, some of these wolves might have ventured closer to where humans lived, were provided food in exchange for watchdog duty, until finally they make the transition from wild to domesticated.

A mutation in genes somewhere down the line resulted in today’s modern dog. And further manipulation of genes produced dogs of an astonishing variety of breeds, each one specific to a purpose. But however far removed dogs may be from the Cannis lupus, they were and still are wolves not a long time ago.

You may notice that your furry friend possesses some characteristics that are reminiscent of the wild. A tendency to stick by your side as though their instincts told them that once they were pack animals. The ability to recognize prey and chase after them. And many more characteristics you may still discover.

One of the most enduring traits that wolves passed on to dogs is the dog’s natural tendency to return to its den. In today’s modern world, that den is the dog crate.

Dog Crates As Modern Dens
The dog crate is more than just a place for sleeping for your dog. Just as your bedroom is your private sanctuary where you can feel safe and think and just be by yourself, your friend’s dog crate serves pretty much the same purpose.

There are many kinds of dog crates, available in many different sizes, color and styles. What dog crate to choose for your dog depends on several factors, including size of your dog, the cost involved, personal preference, and other elements that you feel is important to help you make the right decision.

In this article, we offer you some tips on how to buy the right dog crate for your dog.

Shopping Tips

What Dog Crate Features Are Included?

As previously mentioned, dog crates come in a variety of styles. There are wooden dog crates and wicker ones. There are dog crates that come with their own dog crate cover and others that are soft-sided to afford the most comfort.

Small dog crates best fit puppies or small breeds of dog. On the other hand, a large dog can only feel comfortable in a dog crate that allows him or her to stretch out his or her limbs comfortably.

When choosing a dog crate for your pet, consider these basic features: material, size, durability, easy cleaning, safety, and chew proof.

Scrutinize The Design

Do not stop at the aesthetic value of the dog crate. Design involves two equally important aspects: functionality and aesthetics. A good dog crate design is one that combines the two together to come up with a great-looking product that is functional as well.

To create a clearer picture of the importance of functionality in design, consider a wire frame dog crate. Specifically, take into account the size of the wire and the extent of the gap between wires. If the gap is large enough that there is a possibility your dog’s paws may fall through, the result could be hazardous.

Do You Travel Often?

This is an important question to consider for having a dog crate makes it easier for you to keep your dog with you in the car. What’s more, the confinement of the dog crate creates a much safer travel situation for your pet.

If you travel a lot and like to have your pet along with you, then you might be interested in buying portable dog crates. Portable crates available are built using foldable material to make it easier for you to carry around.

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