It’s hard not to like bulldogs. In fact, the bulldog is among the 24 most popular breeds by registered ownership.

Despite its reputation for being fierce as shown in the media and various cartoon parodies, bulldogs are actually a very friendly, amiable breed.

Companion Dog
They are energetic and love to be around people. As a matter of fact, their desire to be around people is an actual need that, if not satisfied, can adversely affect the bulldog’s mood and temperament. For instance, the bulldog can either become morose or depressed if left by itself for too long. Some may even develop some nasty habits such as chewing on furniture pieces or your shoes left outside or digging holes in your garden.

Bulldogs…Which One?
When someone speaks of the Bulldog, they almost always have the American Bulldog in mind. There are actually several types of bulldogs, including French bulldogs and English bulldogs. But in the United States, this group of dogs that were once used in bull baiting are simply collectively known as the “Bulldog.”

Shorter Lifespan
Besides the constant need for attention, the bulldog also has several other quirks that the potential owner should seriously consider before getting one. For one, bulldogs have a shorter lifespan than most other breeds. Combining that fact with the frequency of genetic defects resulting from irresponsible breeding could truly shorten the time you get to spend with your beloved companion.

An average bulldog has a lifespan of 8-12 years. However, if not treated properly, such as when the dog is not given veterinary care, the bulldog’s lifespan could drastically shorten to at most 6 years.

Potential Behavior Problems
As previously mentioned, bulldogs are highly energetic dogs. As a matter of fact, they remain as bulldog puppies for most of their life, maturing only once they reach 3 years (the average dog matures at 12 to 18 months). When this energy is not channeled well in walks and playtime, the bulldog can develop the bad habit of chewing.

The breed can get pretty destructive if this habit is not curbed soon enough. One way to redirect this biting and chewing tendency of the bulldog is to give him safe and resistant toys. When trained properly in manners, the bulldog is the perfect companion to keep at home as well as in the backyard.

Another issue that a potential bulldog owner should consider is the lack of specification for bulldogs. Despite the breed’s popularity, there are only a few veterinarians who known all the ins and outs of a bulldog’s health. Treatment that works well with other breeds may not work with bulldogs because this breed is just built differently from other breeds.

Thus, if you are planning to own a bulldog, you have to be prepared to spend some time looking for a veterinarian who knows bulldogs. You can start with the bulldog breeder from whom you got your dog. As an alternative, you can also check out the local bulldog rescue group in your area.

Bad Weather
One of the distinctive characteristics of the bulldog is its short, somewhat, “pug” nose. This is a key feature that you should watch out for, especially during warm weather or in any stressful situation. The short nose could cause breathing problems in the dog, causing it to pant more. Excessive panting, or breathing through the mouth, could lead to dehydration. Thus, during hot weather, it is important for you to always provide your bulldog with ample shade and clean water.

After considering all these factors and you still find that you want a bulldog, then by all means, get one.

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