Bark Collars

If you are wondering whether your dog’s incessant barking is more than just a passing habit, the best person to ask is your next-door neighbor. When your dog’s barking is starting to bother the neighbors, that’s your cue to start thinking of the habit as a behavioral problem that needs some correction. Barking problem must be attended to before complaints from the neighborhood come up.

There are ways, methods to stop a dog’s barking problem. The first step always involves finding out what causes the problem to arise in the first place. It takes time.

Your dog may bark for a number of reasons. Just as children make noise when they play, dogs bark when at play. Excitement can also get them on a barking spree, such as when they see a small animal and chase after it as potential prey, or when they hear a strange noise.

To find out exactly why your dog barks, determine when and for how long he or she barks. This will help you quickly find out what causes him to bark. Now, it is likely that the barking occurs when you are away from home. If that is the case, you may need to do a bit of detective work.

Try asking the people in your neighborhood, obtaining information about what they see and hear when the barking starts. You could also try going out for a drive or a walk around the block. Once you’re far enough, stop and watch and/or listen for a while. Another alternative is to start a tape recorder or a video camera when you go out of the house.

Your dog’s barking problem might be caused by any number of these things:


One of the top reasons why a dog develops a barking problem is loneliness and isolation. When you leave, your dog loses the one source of interaction he has in the world. In other words, he misses you. Or he misses the companionship you offer. You can try to alleviate the loneliness by leaving him with some of his favorite toys to play with.

Territorial Behavior

Another reason your dog could be barking is that there is an “intruder” in the neighborhood. This could be anyone from the mail carrier, other dogs, neighbors in the adjacent yards, or children walking to school. You can control this behavior by teaching your dog to a quiet command. Use treats if needed, and plenty of praises.

There are, of course, other reasons why your dog could be barking. Each one means a different way of controlling the problem. However, if your dog’s barking is really causing such a ruckus in the neighborhood and you have no time to play detective, you can try the next quickest and most effective way of solving the problem – that is, use a device called a bark collar.

Bark collars look just like regular dog collars but with added features to help you solve the problem of barking in your dog. Bark control collars come in many sizes and shapes. There are small dog bark collars and bark collars for large breed types. There are bark collars that spray some kind of gas, which is unpleasant but not harmful to your dog.

Basically, the device is activated when your dog barks, letting out a light mist. Both the scent and the hissing noise startles the dog and stop barking. It usually does not take long for most dogs to figure things out and stop barking.

And there are others that make a loud noise when barking occurs. And still others that come with an anti bark collar shocking device.

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